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Thuraya Fixed Single Channel Indoor Repeater

Thuraya Fixed Single Channel Indoor Repeater
Price: $550.00
Item# THU-RPTf
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Product Description

ThurayaSingle Repeater is  a compact, cost effective solutions designed to extend satellite communications (limited by poor signal transmission) for single user in small environments

The satellite signal from Thuraya Satellite received by an outdoor antenna (outdoor unit) is transmitted to the indoor unit.

The signals are amplified and transformed to an indoor antenna attached to the indoor unit, transmitting these signals to Thuraya mobile devices.

Outgoing signals from Thuraya mobile terminals are picked up by indoor antenna and amplified by an up-link stage and transmitted towards the satellite through the out door antenna

Easy to install   

    Supports Voice, Data/Fax, SMS, GmPRS (60/15) (downlink/uplink)
    Improves wireless coverage in your home or office
    Indoor coverage area up to 100 sq.meters
    Outdoor antenna can be rotated to ensure indoor signal strength
    No more running outside or near windows to complete your call
    Extends phone battery life due to optimal reception